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Fearless Founders

1. Maria "C.U.F.F.S." Fernandez

2. Catherine "Cat" Medrano

3. Veronica "Boss" Nuno

4. Aurora "Sexy Chef" Rubio

5. Wendy "Sponge Babe" Mendiola

6. Lilliana "Jasmine" Robles

7. Anissa "Roxi" Escobar Molina

8. Vicky "B.O.I.N.G." Gonzalez 

9. Evelyn "Sexy Beast" Villa

10. Lizeth "Chewbacca" Marcelo

11. Angela "P.I.N.K. Gator" Castillo

About Delta Alpha Sigma

Eleven women came together in search of an organization they could call their own. An organization that could fit their shared values and that created a comfort zone in which each unique personality could thrive. The P.I.N.K Ladies became an official organization at the University of Texas at Arlington in February 2004. The P.I.N.K. Ladies then formed Delta Alpha Sigma Multicultural Sorority and was incorporated on March 10, 2004. This year marks over thirteen years of True Sisterhood. Our sisters have since been committed to strengthening their communities, building sisterly bonds, and leaving a legacy in various fields. 


The purpose of Delta Alpha Sigma Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is to provide a sisterhood; an environment of true sisters that encourages, empowers, enhances, and celebrates women of all cultures - thus leading them to emotional, professional, and academic success. Delta Alpha Sigma also provides women with the opportunities to better oneself, each other, and the community through leadership roles and service.


Our Founding Story

Delta Alpha Sigma was founded at the University of Texas at Arlington on March 10, 2004. Prior to that, however, there were eleven brave women that sought to create a sorority that was unique. Angie Castillo, one of the eleven founders explains that she was looking for "a unique opportunity at UTA." She, "looked into other sororities, but nothing really clicked." She found the process to be a lot of hard work, but "definitely worth it." With the help of the other founders, she explains that she "never saw failure as an option."


The founding process for the sorority was definitely not without its challenges. Angie's particular obstacle was that she worked full time and went to school full time. She said there were a lot of "late night/all night study sessions" but the founders all felt that school came first, because without school, there would be no Delta Alpha Sigma.


The biggest outside contributors to our founding were the brothers of Delta Alpha Omega.

Special shout out to #2 Edward 'Mr. E' Martinez!

Angie explained that the brothers "not only had the confidence in us to push us to fight for the organization, but they also planned and executed our first process. Many of the traditions that are passed down in process were initially done by us founders and planned by our DAO brothers."


Since that time we have grown, with over 200 sisters between our Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta chapters and our Northern Texas Colony. We are growing fast and expanding across the state of Texas. While many of our traditions come from our founding line, we are a growing sorority, and as a result, there are always opportunities to form new traditions and ideas.

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