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Dear Parents


If you're reading this letter, it means that your daughter is considering, or is presently a part of our incredible sisterhood! Delta Alpha Sigma is a sisterhood that is not just for four years, but provides it is a lifetime of support from alumnae and actives, and as well as lifetime opportunities for leadership and growth. As a relatively new sorority, your daughter will be able to not only take part in our established traditions, but will also have the opportunity to create a legacy that will continue for years to come.


The collegiate years are busy, and are often filled with change and decisions that will impact the course of your daughter's life. As a Delta Alpha Sigma sister, she will face the change head on with her line sisters, as well as learn from the other active sisters that will help her through those decisions. We hold ourselves as sisters to a high standard, with a GPA requirement, community service requirement and credit hour requirement to stay active. By striving to uphold these standards, your daughter will learn time management, goal setting and prioritizing, all skills that transcend her college years.


She will also have responsibilities within her chapter. Delta Alpha Sigma allows for her to explore responsibilities that include President, Treasurer, and Social Media chair just to name a few. If a career path interests her and she sees leadership in her future, this is the perfect place to begin development as a leader. She will learn, by managing a component of the sisterhood, how to take ownership, delegate responsibility and respond to challenges. This will enable her to not only be a better leader, but also to be a better public speaker and presenter. Throughout her collegiate journey, she will be mentored and guided by her sisters and alumnae advisor.


While being part of a sorority focused on sisterhood and service, your daughter will gain friends and learn life skills that are invaluable. Greek students on average do better in school, are more likely to become university donors, and disproportionately join the ranks of our most successful leaders.


Should any questions arise about your daughter's experience, feel free to contact us at


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