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Alpha Chapter
Northern Texas Colony


As sisters of Delta Alpha Sigma, we truly believe that we are friends from the beginning, and sisters 'til the end. When you become a P.I.N.K. Lady, you give yourself the opportunity to grow into an even more well-rounded individual from the moment you are called "Sister".

Every P.I.N.K. Lady prides herself in being a part of an innovative, respectful, productive, generous and diverse group of women balanced philanthropically, academically and individually.


As a collegian, becoming part of a sisterhood, or any organization, is a valuable opportunity for tremendous growth that will benefit you greatly in the future. As a sister of Delta Alpha Sigma, you will be joining an organization of kind, encouraging and respectful women that will only help to bolster your academic growth and boost your leadership skills. The opportunity to take on roles such as president, treasurer, pledge director, and secretary will become management roles that will be valuable for the future.


With that said, Delta Alpha Sigma is also dedicated to the sisterhood. From your first year through graduation, there will be slumber parties, retreats, birthday celebrations and various sisterhood activities to strengthen the bonds between each other as sisters. As a sister of Delta Alpha Sigma, you truly will gain lifetime friends.

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