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The Delta Alpha Sigma Foundation Project


Our five year plan for Delta Alpha Sigma is to create a foundation that empowers to take our philanthropy "women and children" to the next level. We have spent the last eleven years volunteering, raising money for various causes, and helping other organizations empower women and children to lead better lives.


Many of us in Delta Alpha Sigma are or personally know first generation college students. We acknowledge the struggles and transitions they face in their lives, and we hope to start a scholarship fund that will benefit women that are first generation college students and help them to succeed in their academic goals. A woman that is a first generation college student is the beginning of a long-term legacy for her family for generations to come. We want to be the catalyst that creates that for her family. We know that if we educate a woman, or a mother, her child will then stand a better chance at also receiving an education. In the future, we'd like to extend our philanthropy to the education of women and children.


For this exciting and new project, we will need the help of our current alumnae, as well as others who support our cause. We are hoping that, with your assistance, we will create a foundation that will:


  • Provide scholarships to first generation college students nationwide.

  • Enable us to give grants to shelters, schools and women in need.

  • Allow for donors to create endowed (or donor-restricted) scholarships for the education of women in their chapter, at their university or in their state, just to name a few.

  • Fund alternative spring break or volunteer oriented immersion trips for actives and alumnae in the sorority.

  • Affiliate with several organizations nationwide and create long-standing partnerships that we carry on within the foundation.


More details will be forthcoming, but for the time being, refer all questions on the inception of this foundation to the Delta Alpha Sigma Alumnae Chapter.

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