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Oh, the places you'll go... when you go P.I.N.K. !

Our very first conference was held at the University of Texas at Arlington on August 13, 2016.  Our conference committee spent many hours over several months planning this event. We got a lot of work done for the future of DAS. The conference committee would like to thank all of the sisters for coming out and we cannot wait to see everyone back at Retreat next summer.

Pinkie Props to:

Angie Castillo, Daniela Marez, Vivian Trevino, Griselda Arroyo, Nat Hernandez, Jocelyn Espinoza, Diana Padilla, Gabriela Orozco, Selina Nava, Jaritza Hernanadez, Roxie Jimenez, Celia Soto, Erika Cueva, Brianda Muñoz, Celeste Rodriguez, Amanda Flores, University of Texas at Arlington, Greek Creations, The Grilled Cheese Factory, and Eva's Mexican Food & Taqueria

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